Research Committee

Committee Chairs

Lara Handsfield
Illinois State University

Alfred Tatum
University of Illinois at Chicago

Committee Members

  • Gwendolyn McMillon
  • George Hruby
  • Lamar Johnson
  • Wan Shun Eva Lam
  • Dennis Davis, Gina Cervetti
  • Jennifer Turner
  • Steve Amendum


The purpose of the LRA Research Committee is to monitor and increase awareness of relevant trends in literacy and related research, as well as the overall status of research in the field and within LRA (e.g. citation rates, funding for literacy research). The committee is also responsible for monitoring opportunities for funded research related to literacy and promoting and facilitating efforts to seek available funding. The committee encourage and promotes the conduct and broad dissemination of ethical literacy research without undo restrictions, commercialization, and conflict of interest, including the dissemination of literacy research online. Finally, the committee serves as a resource to the Board of Directors and to Committees in matters pertaining to literacy research, and consults with the Annual Conference Committee Chair about issues related to research.


Presidential Address: Patricia Enciso and Kingston Award
Janice Almasi, University of Kentucky
Arlette Willis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Voice of Literacy and CITE-ITEL