James V. Hoffman, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign





James V. Hoffman currently holds the Meadows Endowed Chair for Literacy at The University of North Texas. He has served as President of the National Reading Conference (now LRA), Board Member for the International Reading Association (now ILA), Editor of The Reading Research Quarterly; and Editor of the Yearbook of the National Reading Conference. His research interests focus on literacy teacher preparation.


Title of Presentation: 

Practicing Imagination and Activism in Literacy Research, Teaching, and Teacher Education "I still don't know how to change the world with rocks."


Short Description:

In this session, I explore the foundations of initial literacy teacher preparation and the need for change. I present findings from two recent studies that have focused on efforts to promote an activism stance in literacy teacher preparation. I propose directions for changes in literacy teacher preparation that are considerate of theories of practice and the policy contexts for teacher preparation.