70th LRA Annual Conference



Conference Theme:

The theme, All of Us are Smarter than Each of Us: Collaborate for Impact, challenges literacy researchers to intentionally seek out colleagues with similar interests, who conduct research from diverse paradigmatic, theoretical, and/or methodological perspectives. We summon all to sit at a welcome table where we capitalize on the expertise, ingenuity, and experiences of our fellow colleagues. The proverb “iron sharpens iron” is made manifest when we share ideas and challenge one another as critical friends. The goal for each collaborative effort is to identify “pockets of hope” where effective work is being done in individual spaces, and collectively develop and implement plans and projects that will Impact the field.   


Hilton Americas Houston
1600 Lamar Street
Houston, TX
December 2-5, 2020


2020 Conference Chair:
Gwendolyn Thompson-McMillon


2020 Conference Associate Chair:
David B. Yaden, Jr.