How Do I Submit My Proposal?


*Please note: you have to create a NEW All Academic account for 2020


  • I have already created an All Academic account for 2020.

      1.  Visit the All Academic website.

      2.  Login with the username and password you used to create your All Academic account.


  • I have not created an All Academic account for 2020:
  1.  Visit the All Academic website.

  2.  Click on "Create a New Account," under the password section.

     3.  Fill in all of the information on this page and click "Accept and Continue".

  * Step-by-step video instructions can be accessed here



      4.  Submitting a Proposal: After you select accept and continue, the system will take you back to the main page. Once there, you will need to scroll down until you get to the "Submitter Menu." Once there, click on "Submit or Edit a Proposal."


      5.  Click on "Submit A New Proposal".


      6.  Select the content area that best fits your proposal.  Click on "Read Call" beside a content area if you need to read the description and contact information for a particular content area.


      7.  Select the type of proposal you wish to submit. 


      8.  Enter in the information about your proposal and click "Accept and Continue".


      9.  You will be directed to a page to address any co-authors of your proposal.  Follow the directions (highlighted in yellow on the image below) to add a co-author to your proposal submission then select "Accept and Continue".  If you have no co-authors, simply skip over the page by selecting "Accept and Continue".


     10.  Here you will be prompted to upload your proposal.  To review the guidelines before you submit your proposal click here.