Presenter, Chair and Discussant Details

Presenters, Chairs and Discussants will be provided with a link that takes them directly to their presentation.  This is different than the link that attendees will use to access Shocklogic.  This presenter/Chair/Discussant link will allow individuals to present, share screens and watch the Q&A in the chat feature.  

Chairs (and/or Discussant if that is the only non-presenter role), you are responsible for displaying a slide as attendees enter the room.  There is a set of slides here or here that contains the information that you will need to display, based upon what day you are presenting.  

Role of Chair: To assist in running the session.  You will ensure that all presenters are in the session ahead of the meeting.  Then, once the session starts, you will be responsible for playing the pre-recorded presentations.  After they are concluded, allow the discussant to facilitate the conversation and question and answer portion.  Be mindful of the time, so that the session ends at the scheduled end time.  

Role of Discussant: to facilitate conversation and discussion.  The purpose of this role is to look for questions from the audience and come prepared with questions to ask if there are not any from the audience. 

If the session has only one role (i.e. Chair and Discussant is the same person), then these tasks listed above are the responsibility of that one person

It is advised that as a Chair (or if the Chair/Discussant is the same person), you reach out to the individuals listed in your session to start to review their content.  If you can receive their videos to watch them ahead of the session or even their paper, that may help you prepare.

Presenters/Chairs/Discussants - the system will allow for screen sharing. But, that comes with an added level of authority within the system. You can accidentally stop the meeting, and if that happens, the session cannot be reinstated.  

Alternative/Symposia Presenters - Each 45-minute session will have normally three (3) pre-recorded talks uploaded ahead of time, although some sessions may have more than three formal presentations. The maximum length for each pre-recorded talk is 6-minutes. During the session, the recording will be played, and the remaining time will be led by the Chair/Discussant to allow for interactions with attendees. So, for example, if there are 3 papers in a session, there will be 18 minutes total of pre-recorded talks (3 separate 6-minute talks uploaded by each presenter).  The remaining 27 minutes will be for audience engagement, framed by the discussant.  We recommend brief discussant comments and encourage more time for audience engagement.

Paper and Roundtable Presenters - Each 30-minute session will have two or three papers/presenters, with a 6-minute pre-recorded talk by each presenter uploaded ahead of time. During the session, the recordings will be played, followed by a 1-2 minute discussant comment that encourages a 10 minute discussion period led by the Chair/Discussant. 

Poster Presenters – Poster presenters will have their research displayed in the Poster Gallery during the entire time of the conference.  Attendees are encouraged to view poster presenters’ 6-minute pre-recorded talks and marketing piece, throughout the conference period. Attendees will be reminded to visit the Poster Gallery and contact poster presenters for individual and/or group interactions. Poster presenters’ contact information will be provided in the Poster Gallery.  The virtual platform allows attendees to send direct chat messages to poster presenters to encourage interaction and networking.

Study Groups - These will be live 45-minute presentations scheduled during the same timeslot Wednesday, December 2 - Friday, December 5 @ 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. CST.  Study groups are only responsible for the 1-2 page marketing piece and should have received the email from Shocklogic asking to upload the .pdf file on Friday, November 13 at 6 p.m. EST.


Presenter and Chair/Discussant Trainings

We know that this meeting is certainly unchartered territory for many of you! To ease everyone's anxiety about presenting during the virtual meeting, we've held two trainings for presenters and chairs/discussants:

Tuesday, November 17 from 10 AM - 12 PM Eastern

Thursday, November 19 from 10 AM - 12 PM Eastern

The recordings will be distributed via email and posted to this webpage. 


Promote your Presence at the Conference!

Let your friends and colleagues know that you will be speaking at the LRA 70th Annual Conference – a virtual event. Use the graphics and sample language to spread the word and spark conversation about your presentation, participation and recognition as a leader in your field. 

When posting on social media, tag LRA (Facebook and Twitter) and remember to include the official hashtag, #LRA2020

Enclosed graphics are sized for each of the channels below, as noted in the file names:





+ an email signature banner for your email communications.

Sample posts:


Join me at the @Literary Research Association ( 70th Annual Virtual Conference – where we will Collaborate for Impact.  Honored to be speaking about {NAME of PRESENTATION} on [DATE}. Join me there!


Collaborate for Impact at the @LRA_LitResearch (  7oth Annual Conference a #virtualevent. Honored to be speaking  - join me there!

Additional post options for any/all channels (LinkedIN, Instagram):

Honored to be speaking at the 70th Annual LRA Conference Nov 30- Dec 5. This year’s virtual event focuses on how all of us are smarter than each of us, and the power of collaborating for impact.

All of us are smarter than each of us alone. That’s why I’m honored to be speaking at the LRA 70th Annual [Virtual] Conference, Nov 30 – Dec 5. Looking forward to collaborating for impact!