Literacy Research to Practice Forum

A Post-Conference Event Sponsored by the Literacy Research Association
Saturday, December 7 (12:00 - 5:00 pm) & Sunday, December 8 (8:00 am - Noon)
Tampa Marriott Water Street


The Forum’s purpose is to initiate a dialog between literacy researchers and practitioners, who will listen to and learn from each other.  The intent is to identify perspectives and initiate actions that closely align research and practice.  Specifically, the aim is to identify (a) the most pressing instructional issues faced by practitioners/policy makers, (b) research that exists or might be undertaken to address those issues, (c) obstacles to connecting research and practice, and (d) principled perspectives and actions that might mitigate those obstacles.

Possible Topics (depending on the interests of those who register)

- Revisiting Instructional Models for Teaching Reading

- Matching Texts and Students

- Promoting Literacy Success for ALL students

- Literacy Instruction for Emergent Bilingual Students Across a Variety of Settings

- Defining Balance in Literacy Programs (e.g., content, developmental needs, scheduling)

- Disciplinary Literacy

- Addressing the Complexities of Comprehension Assessment

- Leveraging Technology and Literacy Instruction

- Policy and Infrastructure to Support High Quality Literacy Instruction

- Teacher Preparation: Preparing the Next Generation of Teachers and Reading Professionals

- Addressing Problems of Practice through Literacy Coaching

Registration Fee

Free for participants who have paid the LRA Conference fees.

$50 for those attending only the Forum.  Includes Saturday lunch and Sunday continental breakfast..

Participants (limited to 150)

Participants will include classroom teachers, other professionals who work in the realm of practice, and researchers.  For LRA members this event will provide a meaningful extension of the annual conference.  Participants from the realm of practice will be recruited locally, regionally, and nationally and are more likely to participate only in the post-conference Forum.  Several collaborative teams of LRA researchers and practitioners have already committed to participating in the Forum.


The dominant format will be that of concurrent roundtable sessions, consistent with the Forum’s stated purpose of generating dialog around important issues of practice.  The structure will follow what has been called “consultancy dilemmas” (see or “incubator” sessions:  This format identifies “dilemmas or vexations” and “ventures” and to address them through shared discussion. There will also be whole-group and a panel discussion aimed at synthesizing perspectives, identifying principles for moving forward, and identifying directions for increasing the alignment between research and practice.  Depending on participants’ responses, there will also be a space for posters to display initiatives and projects that illustrate issues and describe successful collaborations linking research and practice.   


We anticipate that some participants in the forum will produce a white paper or manuscript for submission to an appropriate outlet (e.g., Literacy Research:  Theory, Method, and Practice).  We will also launch online discussion groups and will encourage the development of other products, initiatives, or activities that emerge during the collaborative discussions.

How to register

LRA members/conference attendees will register for the Forum when they register for the conference at the LRA websiteOthers attending only the Forum can register online here.  

For questions or more information contact any member of the organizing committee:

David Reinking [email protected]
Sharon Walpole [email protected]
Barbara Bradley [email protected]
Marco Bravo [email protected]
Georgia Earnest Garcia [email protected]
Pamela Mason [email protected]
Melanie Kuhn [email protected]
Kay Stahl [email protected]