LRA Leadership Opportunities

The purpose of this survey is to identify yourself as an LRA member who is interested in volunteering for service to LRA.  There are many opportunities to participate in LRA. Each opportunity is briefly described in the survey, followed by questions regarding your interest. At the end of the survey, respondents will be asked to describe their qualifications for the position(s) they have selected and upload a CV. The Committee Chair will be consulted on decisions regarding committee appointments.

Open Positions

Terms ending 2018 (New term would begin December 1, 2018):

Board of Directors:
Vice President (1 position) 
Director – (3 positions) 
Awards Committees
Albert Kingston Award  (2 positions – committee members)
Arthur Applebee Award for Excellence in Research on Literacy  (1 position – committee member)
Brian Street Award  (2 positions – 1 chair, 1 committee member)
Distinguished Scholar Lifetime Achievement Award  (1 position – committee member)
Early Career Achievement Award  (3 positions –  2 committee members, 1 chair)
Edward B. Fry Book Award  (3 positions – committee members)
J. Michael Parker Award  (2 positions - committee members)
Oscar S. Causey Award  (1 position – committee member)
P. David Pearson Scholarly Influence Award  (2 three-year appointments, 2 one-year appointments, 1 chair)
Student Outstanding Research Award  (4 three-year appointments, 1 one-year appointment, 1 chair)
Innovative Community Groups
Doctoral Student ICG (4 positions – 1 Sr. Co-Chair, 1 Jr. Co-Chair, 1 Assistant Co-Chair, 1 Alumni Liaison)
Formative Experiments and Design-based Research ICG (1 chair and 7 member positions)
History ICG (2 positions, co-chairs)
International ICG (2 positions, co-chairs)
Multilingual/Transcultural Literacies ICG (2 positions, co-chairs)
Reading Clinic/Literacy Labs ICG (1 position, chair)
Standing Committees
Ethics Committee (3 positions – committee members)
ERM Committee (3 positions – 1 chair and 2 committee members)
Field Council (0 positions)
Gender and Sexualities Committee (6 positions - 2 three-year appointments, 2 two-year appointments, 2 one-year appointments)
Handbook of Reading Research Committee  (0 positions)
Leadership Fellows Program Committee (2 positions - committee members)
Policy and Legislative Committee (2 positions – committee members)
Publications Committee (2 positions – committee members)
Research Committee (1 or 2 positions – committee members)
Technology Committee (3 positions – 2 committee members and 1 chair)

Area Chairs
Area 1: Pre-service Teacher Education in Literacy (1 position)
Area 2: In-service Teacher Education/Professional Development in Literacy (4 positions)
Area 3: Literacy Instruction and Literacy Learning (2 positions)
Area 4: Literacy Assessment, Evaluation, and Public Policy (1 position)
Area 5: Early Elementary Literacy Processes (1 position)
Area 6: Adolescent, College, and Adult Literacy Processes (2 positions)
Area 7: Social, Cultural, and Political Issues of Literacy Practices in and Out of School (2 positions)
Area 8: Literacy Learning and Practice in Multilingual and Multicultural Settings (3 positions)
Area 9: Text Analysis/Children's, Young Adult, and Adult Literature (1 position)
Area 10: Literacy Technology and Media (1 position)
Area 11: Research Theory, Methods, and Practices (1 position)
Area 12: International Research on Literacy Teaching and Learning (no positions)
Area 13: Study Groups (no positions)
Area 14: Other Topics (1 position)